• Visual Studio Live Share (macOS/Win) NEW
    • Handy for doing paired programming sessions and debugging with multiple people.
  • Code Runner (macOS/Win) NEW
    • An add-on for VS Code to run code right from inside the editor.
  • Web Maker (Chrome)
    • I use this everyday. Web Maker provides a playground inside Chrome where you can build web apps and experiment with ideas.
  • ManyCam (macOS/Win)
    • Cool tool for enhancing your webcam with multiple feeds, ip camera support, picture-in-picture, face effects and other fun stuff.
  • HyperSwitch (macOS)
    • Configurable app switcher that is multiple monitor friendly. Pops up on whichever monitor your cursor is currently in. Much improved over the built in app switcher *glares at Apple*
  • Alfred (macOS)
    • Puts powerful macros and workflows at your fingertips
  • Alfred Scratchpad Workflow (macOS)
    • My favorite Alfred workflow. This allows you to quickly edit a piece of text and put it back on the clipboard.
  • Dukto  (macOS/Win/Linux/iOS/Android)
    • Cross-Platform file transfer tool. The main interface looks like a buddy list that shows you a list of other people running Dukto on your local network. Then all you have to do is drag files onto their name to send stuff to them.
  • Bartender (macOS)
    • Mac menu bar icon management tool. Similar to the hidden taskbar icons button in Windows.
  • AirMail (macOS)
    • My preferred email client. Supports gmail hotkeys, editing in markdown and it’s got a nice interface.
  • Sublime Text (macOS/Win/Linux)
    • My favorite code editor. This should be on every programmers recommended list just because of multiple selections.
  • Scroll Reverser (macOS)
    • Allows you to have your trackpad scroll one direction and your mouse wheel the opposite.
  • Wraparound (macOS)
    • Are you a multi-monitor addict? Give this little gem a try. It allows you to “warp” your mouse cursor to the other edge of the screen. Quickly traverse your displays with EASE! I love it.
  • Ubersicht (macOS)
    • Handy little desktop widget app that allows you to build widgets in coffescript. Useful for displaying clocks, calendars and performance information on your desktop.


  • Programmable keypads
  • Razor Blade
    • The latest Razor gaming laptop with 16 GB of RAM and a dedicated Nvidia graphics card.
  • Macbook Pro
    • The trendy laptop for web and mobile app development
  • Arctis Pro Wireless (previously known as the Siberia 840 & 800 or H Wireless)
    • My daily driver. The best wireless headset I’ve tried so far. Wireless lag-free audio, USB powered, Bluetooth mixer to mix phonecalls and game audio, includes two swappable batteries for semi-uninterrupted use, optical input/pass-thru.
  • Braven Fuse
    • Portable multi input/output bluetooth audio mixer. It has a built in battery, two bluetooth transceivers for sending and receiving audio input/output. I use this for mixing my tunes (on my phone) with the system audio from my laptop. The mixed output gets sent via bluetooth to my wireless headphones.
  • MCMs TC-43 Stereo Mixer
    • My hardwired solution before I upgraded to the Braven Fuse… This powered mixer/amp combo has two stereo RCA input jacks, an RCA monitor output and a front facing amplified 3.5mm output jack.


  • Customized macOS KeyBindings
    • Useful for coding! Customize the default macOS keyboard shortcuts. Adds useful abilities like these:
      • yank
      • transform changing camelCase to snake_case
      • wrap selected text with quotes, and several others…
    • Big thank you to Brett Terpstra & Lri Ranta for putting this together.
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