I just recently upgraded my desktop PC with an SSD and Windows 8. The difference is amazing… Everything is much faster. Although I can’t say I’m used to the Metro start menu yet.

Here are my favorite utilities so far:

  • Clover
    • Adds tabs to Windows Explorer. Awesome!
  • DisplayFusion
    • I get bored of wallpapers fairly quickly. DisplayFusion is nice because it randomly downloads new pictures from a variety of sources and changes the wallpaper at set intervals.
  • Dukto
    • Ever wanted to quickly transfer a file from your Mac to your PC? Dukto is an amazing solution. It uses zero-conf (aka Bonjour or Avahi) networking to detect other copies of Dukto running on your network and gives you a buddy list of people that you can drag and drop files to. It’s also open source, which is awesome. 😉
  • AceText
    • Ever copied something to your clipboard and realized that you just overwrote something important? It happens to me all the time. AceText saves my bacon because it saves a copy of everything I put on my clipboard so I can recall it later. It also has other handy features like the ability edit the clipboard and the ability to paste a sequence of items into a document or form. You just set a hotkey and paste-paste-paste. I really wish there was a Mac equivalent. The closest thing I’ve found is ClipBuddy.

I’ll keep updating this post as I find more.


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My favorite Windows 8 utilities

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