I love listening to music on my macbook but the built-in audio controls don’t work as smoothly with 3rd party apps as I’d like. Below are a few of my favorite apps for getting everything working smoothly.

  • BeardedSpice
    • A menubar application that listens for presses on your keyboard’s media keys and redirects the commands to your preferred music player.
  • Streamkeys for Chrome
    • A chrome extension that redirects the media key commands to the tab inside of chrome that’s playing audio.
  • mac-bt-headset-fix (recently renamed “Bubo”)
    • This listens to the media keys on your wired or wireless headphones and converts them into presses of the media keys on your keyboard. Works great when combined with the apps mentioned above!
    • Note that this calls out Spotify specifically but it does work for other applications like BeardedSpice as well.
    • AVRCPAgent alternative: BTHSControl
  • Audio Hijack
    • Using this you can hijack any music app’s output and route it to a specific audio output.
    • My favorite use case: Hijack Spotify and mute it on all other outputs. That allows you to listen to Spotify on one specific output and allow everything else to fall through to your default output.
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Improve your music listening experience on Mac

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