I found a few internet treasures this weekend that I think you’ll like. Check them out below.

  • How to route audio for specific apps to different outputs in OS X
    • This was an AWESOME find. I love to listen to music and most days I want to rock out to my music through my speakers. Typically if I do that I’m forced to have all my audio go through the speakers right? This fixes that. Using Audio Hijack Pro, I can hijack my radio app and route it’s audio to the speaker output. Then I can mute it’s audio and listen to all my other apps through my headphones. GENIUS!
  • Learn about Housing
    • Not exactly light reading but I found it very cool that Kahn Academy is now providing curriculum about this. Take a look if you have an interest in buying a house someday.
  • Squatty Potty
    • I know… You probably read that and said “Wait… did he just say potty?” or maybe “Hah! That sounds like something for a baby”. I did the same when I first saw this… but the science is actually pretty fascinating. Watch the video and then decide for yourself.

Geeky stuff

Note the following stuff is geeky. Feel free to skip this part if you have no interest in setting up your own servers.

  • Kitematic
    • Easy Docker container management for your Mac. Provides it’s own domain names for containers that you setup. For example, if you set up Nginx as a container called “web” Kitematic will automatically bind a local domain name of web.kite for easy access to access your server. Kind of like Pow for Docker… Neat!
  • Trusted Docker files
    • What’s that you say? You don’t want to go through the tedious process of building a Dockerfile from scratch? You want it right now? Check this out. Hosted here is a nice list of pre-built Docker files that allow you to easily setup common server types. Nginx, Node, MySQL, Python, Redis, etc. They’re all here. Just be aware that if you have security concerns or specific needs you’ll probably still have to tweak these manually… but these provide a great starting point.
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Interesting things I found this weekend

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