Here are some interesting tech trends developing this year that I think are worth following and talking about.

Web Apps

Twitter recently decided to drop their native Mac app in favor of a Progressive Web App AKA a “PWA”. You can check that out here. Google is the primary force behind PWA but other companies are starting to take an interest. Microsoft announced that they have plans to integrate PWA apps into their app store soon, which should help close the app gap on their Windows and Xbox platforms. They may even use Bing to scan the web for PWAs and automatically add them into the app store.

Chrome OS

I got really excited when I first heard that Google was going to add support for Android apps in Chrome OS. Android has primarily been a phone centric platform from the beginning and it’s really struggled to cross over into other formats like tablets and laptops. Android tablets have been around for years but they’ve really struggled due to the dominance of the iPad and the Android community’s general lack of tablet optimized apps. Google recently teased a Chrome OS tablet at their Bett education and technology show in London which I think shows the direction they’re heading and I have high hopes for it.

Net Non-Neutrality

A sad trend to see this year… The FCC is giving away it’s ability to enforce net neutrality and ISPs are taking notice. Without any penalties to prevent favoritism it’s going to be hard for them to avoid the temptation to introduce fast lanes and favor sponsored services. AT&T is the first ISP doing this publicly at the moment but I can’t imagine it’ll be long before other ISPs follow suit. There are some lawmakers working to pass state laws that could enforce net neutrality but there are some doubts that ISPs will have to obey them. It’ll be interesting to see how this fight shakes out.


Intel is working with vendors to try and get 5G compatible chips into their devices by late 2019. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly ISPs will be able to build out their infrastructure to match the demand; And how the FCC’s new net non-neutrality stance will play a factor in how the service tiers get structured.

Better laptop battery life & “always-on” PCs

Qualcomm is working with Microsoft to develop laptops that use the more power efficient ARM chips that you usually see in mobile devices. They claim that the first devices should run for around 20–22 hours of active use. It’ll be interesting to see what HP, Lenovo, and Asus will have cranked out by the end of this year.

Let me know what you think! What trends are you seeing develop this year and which are you the most interested in?

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2018, The year of Web Apps, Chrome OS, Net Non-Neutrality & 5G

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